Series Type Axial Fan

Fans in Aironn Series Type Fresh Air Fan Series are suitable to operate at maximum 55 °C. Adjustable edge angle of the series in the range of diameters between 400 mm and 1250 mm presents a broad performance range. It also comes into prominence with its feature to compensate high pressure losses. Performance of the fans in Series Type Axial Fresh Air Fan Series have been tested in accordance with AMCA 210-07 standard.

Fan Body:

The body of the fans is made of high quality and corrosion resistant hot-dip galvanize coated sheet metal. The fan flanges are manufactured by bending the body so they are self-flanged. Standard production is long-bodied. Body inspection hatch is optional.

Fan Blades:

Aerodynamic fan blades are made of ETIAL 171 with injection moulding method. They are statically and dynamically balanced in compliance with ISO 1940/1-2003.


They have 2 IP 55 motors with class F insulation available in single cycle or double cycle options. If requested, single cycle motors can be used with inverters.


2 IP 55 electricity terminal boxes made of plastic are standard.