Cell Type EC Fan Series

Aironn AIR-HA-… EC Series fans are suitable to operate at maximum 55 °C. In order for you to make a selection to meet your need, 9 different models are available. EC motor fans adjust motor speed by way of their smart speed units and provide high productivity and comfort. While productivity of AC motor fans is around 15-70% depending on the operating point, this value reaches up to 90% for EC motor fans. It provides easy access to the motor due to its easily mounted and unmounted roof design.

Fan Body:

Frame of the fan cell is made of rolled-aluminium shape and cast aluminium corners. Cabin body is made of high quality galvanized steel. Cabin bodies are insulated with 50 mm-thick non-flame-propagating rock wool layer. Thus it has an improved acoustic performance. Inspection hatch is standard in the series.

Fan Blades:

Wheels used in AIR-HA-… EC Series are made of PP plastic. The wheels are statically and dynamically balanced in compliance with ISO 1940/1-2003.


B-F insulation class motor is inside the air flow.


IP 55 electric terminal box made of plastic is standard.