Tunnel Fans

Aironn Ventilation, we offer you the jet fans we produce with different engine powers, fan diameters, driving powers, different blade designs and accessories in a wide product range. With the power of incorporating R&D and manufacturing within our company, we meet all your different requests in a short time. In tunnels, jet fans operate in 2 cases, daily ventilation and emergency (fire) ventilation. In the case of fire, jet fans help to remove smoke from the source of fire out of the tunnel and the evacuation of people inside during that time. Our jet fans are equipped with equipment suitable to run at high temperatures and are driven by motors that can run in high temperatures in the same way. Both our fans and the motors used in our fans have F300 and F400 certificates according to EN-12101-3 standard. (See: Documents) We offer our fans inrange of 400 mm to 1800 mm diameter, from 0.55 kW to 160 kW engine power and up to 3200 Newton by using different blade structures with one way and two way options.While our fan blades and fixing pieces are produced with injection technology by Etial 171 aluminium material according to EN1725 standard, our rings, used as shaft connection pieces, are manufactured by CK-45 carbon steel. Our parts, such as screws and nuts, have a zinc coating. As a result of structural analyses made in the computer environment and tests conducted after manufacturing, the wall thickness of fan housing for different diameters is determined. Wall thickness of inner cylinder, outer cylinder, inlet port and outlet ring products of our silencers is 2 mm. The diameter of holes on the inner cylinder is 8 mm. All sheet metal products on the fans are protected with epoxy paint after coated with hot-dip galvanizing. 100 mm-thick fireproof rockwool, which has 50 kg/m3 density and is resistant to high temperatures, is used in our silencers.