Car Park Ventilation Systems

Smoke evacuation systems with ducted systems are replaced with jet fan smoke control systems. In addition to the smoke control of the jet fan systems, the speed of smoke evacuation comes to the fore. These systems, which aim to trap the smoke generated during the fire in a certain area, are designed to enable the people to survive during their escape and to ensure that the fire department arrives at the fire place in order to respond to the fire.

The basic logic in the jet fan system is that the jet fans direct the smoke to the exhausted openings (shafts) by creating momentum where necessary. This system offers great advantages in terms of the uniform distribution and exhaustion of clean air in all indoor areas.The jet fan system consists of main exhaust fans, exhaust shafts, fresh air moments, jet fans, CO detector system, smoke or heat detector system, smoke dampers, fresh air dampers and main control panels as equipment. In order to fulfill these objectives, Aironn manufactures smoke with different product groups and engineering services. We offer jet fan types with oval, round, octagonal, banana and radial geometries that bring visuality to the fore without sacrificing the performances of the devices.