EC Fan Solutions

The EC motorized fans that AIRONN offers to you provide high efficiency and comfort by adjusting the engine speed thanks to the intelligent control units. Compared to conventional asynchronous motor fans, EC motorized fans provide considerably high efficiency. The efficiency of the AC motorized fans is 15% - 70% compared to the operating point and this value reaches 90% in the EC motorized fans. 

The speed of our EC motorized fans can be adjusted from 0 to 100% with 0-10 V input according to need. Thanks to the sensors located on the intelligent control units, the speed of our fans can be adjusted automatically according to the entered parameters. In this way, our fans working according to needs increase energy savings to the upper levels.

Our EC motor fans have a unique acoustic performance as well as working according to need. You should see our EC fans working because you won't hear! Even when operating at low speeds, the frequency and the sound of the AC motor fans driven by the frequency inverter can not be heard.

We offer you the advantages of EC technology in our vertical-type roof fan, horizontal-type roof fan, duct-type fan and cell fan types. Maximum 17000 m3 / h flow rate, 900 Pa static pressure losses to meet our standard production is located in our fans. If you need more capacity, please contact us.