Stair Pressurization Systems

The purpose of the pressurization is to prevent the entrance of smoke to the fire escape staircases and elevators, and to provide human transportation to a fire-free environment and to provide a suitable transportation route to the fire fighter.

According to the regulation on the fire protection of buildings, except for residences, in all buildings, if the height of the staircase bucket is more than 30.5 m, fire stairs should be pressurized. In houses, this height is 51,50 m.

When the pressurization system is operating, when the doors are closed, the difference between the stairwell and the use of the building should be at least 50 Pa. This pressure difference is to prevent leakage of smoke from the usage area to the ladder or elevator bucket.

Aironn prevents leakage by creating the necessary pressure differences with different product options. EC-cell fans, roof-mounted axial fans, AC-cell fans and axial-cell fans are available for ladder and lift pressurization purposes.